HOw I can help

Outsourced CMO/ Marketing Manager

Having an Outsourced Marketing Manager or a freelance Chief Marketing Officer onboard, is a popular option for businesses that are just starting out or have recently received investment. Likewise, when businesses are at a stage where they need strategic or specialised marketing support.


Instead of reaching out to a series of marketing agencies, I come on board to review your business targets for the year and adapt your marketing plans or simply start putting your plans into action- meaning you can focus on other areas of the business. 


Some of my clients have, in return for a lower day rate offered a small piece of equity in their business. This works out more cost effective for startups and it gives them reassurance that it is in everyone's interest to hit the targets (not that motivation has ever been an issue!) I’m very happy to discuss this as a route towards working together.


I provide retained support from a day a month - up to four days a week (depending on other commitments) which is tailored completely to the needs of your business.

Growth hacker

A growth hacker works both strategically and tactically to grow a business as quickly, efficiently and sustainably as possible to achieve specific targets. I work with clients normally when first starting out or when the business is investor or buyer ready.


Every startup business is unique and so are the strategies that are implemented. But these are a few of the basic activities undertaken and underpin the bespoke growth hacking strategy I will prepare for you:


1. Acciquition channels 

I will undertake an audit of how you are currently driving traffic to your business and what could increase uptake of either your product or service from your target audiences. I then implement a range of PPC (Google Adwords), Social Media ads or SEO, or by PR, partnerships and traditional adverting channels to increase the number of prospects contacting you. 


2. Optimising the sales funnel to reduce dropouts 

This stage ensures the maximum number of people who visit your website convert into becoming a customer and your marketing and social ROI is where you need it to be.


3. Building customer retention 

Once a prospect becomes a customer, how do we ensure they stay a customer, buy more from you and become an advocate of the brand.   


Marketing Consultant

From developing an overarching digital strategy, producing a website or app build, crafting a social media marketing plan or training internal teams; I will tailor a measurable solution for your business should you find there isn’t bandwidth or expertise from within the company at its current stage.

Marketing consultancy tend to be charged as a set fee per project.



Marketing Reviews

Do you feel your marketing could be working harder for your business and there are opportunities that aren't being explored? I'll undertake a full review of your current marketing, discover what's working, what's not and why. I will present my findings, outlining the quick wins, tasks that should be implemented for growth over the next 3-6 months and longer vision jobs to be completed when resources allow.


This will be written up in a report for you to keep and work through, but I can start implementing parts or all of the report if required. The reviews are charged daily and any implementation required is invoiced at an hourly rate if required. 




International growth

With 12 years Marketing experienceI have worked with companies from all sectors from across the world to support them in their plans to expand internationally. Through my contacts made at the G20 and Number 10 during my tenure there, I have close connections with trade ministers, accountants, lawyers and sector-specific experts in more than 20 countries across the world - all to ensure that your global launch is successful and stress free.