My marketing career

During my 12 year, award-winning marketing career, I have worked predominantly for startups that are building towards Series A and B funding and have devised Marketing Strategies to get them noticed by the right audiences - be that investors, buyers or consumers.


I love the buzz of a startup, no two days are ever the same, I thrive on the variety and their target driven nature which is why I became a specialist Outsourced Marketing Manager. Having to craft robust and effective marketing solutions on your feet whilst guiding teams to hit their strategic milestones is what I love to do.


Because of working in startups, I have a broad but in-depth knowledge of most areas of marketing including: 


  • Creating award-winning global marketing strategies

  • Digital Marketing (Social media, SEO, PPC, Paid adverts)

  • Building and marketing partnership channels 

  • Product Development and Digital Acquisition

  • Strategic leadership

  • Launching products and businesses in new countries 

  • Leading crowdfunding campaigns


I am currently studying for my Masters in Marketing at Harvard University and looking forward to passing on my learnings to clients - my electives being: International Marketing, Business to Business Marketing, Marketing Analytics: Fundamental Data-Driven Marketing, Marketing Management and Digital Media and Advertising Strategy.

  • Certificate in Professional Marketing

  • Diploma in Professional Marketing

Other acomplishments

I'm also very proud to have been asked by Number 10 and the Institute of Directors to become an ‘Entrepreneur Ambassador’ and recently represented the UK at the G20 Summit in Argentina in 2018.


When I can, I speak at events and am a mentor for organisations such as ‘Self Made Me’ on topics from marketing, to growth hacking. If you would like to invite me to speak at an event, please contact me.